I am finally over the jet lag, but still am going a bit nuts on little sleep here. I wake up way earlier than before, usually around 6:55am, in order to be at work by about 8, or 8:15am. I work in Brighton and from my house in Farmington Hills it is about a 16 mile drive. Luckily it is east to west so I am going against the flow of traffic, but it still takes a good 25 minutes or so, not to mention tons of gas.

I know it is the “Motor City” and all, but people drive way too much out here. What I miss the most about Seattle right now (well, besides R... and oddly enough… the weather), is walking! In Seattle I walk to the market, to shopping, to food, to beer, to wherever... I suppose I could walk here, but from work I think the closest food establishment is about 2 miles away and by the time I got there, I’d probably have frost bite from the teen temps we have been having lately.

I also have yet to spend a nice to myself. I am always running around, here, there, to this, to that. I never have time for myself to just sit and veg out and relax. I do not see it happening until at least Monday night, as my sis is graduating on Sun and I have other family obligations on Saturday. I am going to try to get to the Pistons/Pacers game tomorrow night, we’ll see.

But yes, Monday… Monday the goal is to relax, when I get home, after my 10 hour day at work…

Oh, and this was the temp today, driving into work...


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