I woke up just a little bit ago. It is pretty early for me right now, especially being in the Eastern Time Zone. I am not sure what woke me up, perhaps a mix of last night wearing off and the windy weather knocking at my window. I can say this though; one of the grossest feelings is waking up to the smell of cigarette smoke in your hair and on your body.

Yesterday I did a lot of Christmas shopping. I went to all the major chain stores you can name, and then more. I noticed a few things when I was out. First, people are kind of rude in general. They do not hold doors for you, will not move their giant cart for you, and rarely use recycled/reusable bags (even had one case where the woman working the register said it was harder for her because the reusable bags do not fit in the bag holder). Second, there are a lot of needless gadgets, utensils, and just junk that stores push as “great last minute gift ideas”. They especially have these items at the register so you can quickly add it on to your order. Do I really need a spoon that is just the right size for chocolate chip cookies? Or what about a all in one tool with a flash light?

After spending the day (literally about 6 hours) shopping, I met up with my friend Dave and his wife and their new baby at BW3. My mom and Bill went, too. I think my mom was a little excited to see the baby, too.

Oh, how I miss BWs. I have mentioned before that it is my favorite chain restaurant and I cannot explain why. They had Bells Winter White on tap, which kind of tastes like my favorite Bells Beer, Oberon. I cannot explain why I love this beer so much?

After stuffing ourselves with boneless wings and Winter White, my mom and Bill drove me home (hey, I had been drinking and I am car-less in Michigan) but first we made a grocery store stop. That is when Stacy called me and said she wanted to go out, but had to go to the grocery store first. Well, low and behold we were both at the same store. So, I just got in her car and we went to Novi to meet Hillary at Rojo, this new restaurant that recently opened.

So, from what I hear, Rojo is owned by the same group that owns Andiamo Novi, Dirty Martini and whatever else they own. Honestly, I was not impressed. I would rate the food at 2.5 or 3 stars out of 5. I would say, however, they margaritas get a 4 out of 5.

The food was overpriced Mexican food that was comparable to like... Del Taco. They must have just opened as about (not kidding) 5 or 6 different managers came to our table to ask us how everything was going. We sent back one dish because it came out with some sauce on it that it did not show on the menu, and they brought it back with basically the same sauce. When we complained again, they offered to make us another, but not take it off our bill?

Anyway, don't eat here. Just drink Margaritas.

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