Cars in Seattle, again

Again, I must write a quick post on having a car in Seattle.

R works downtown, about 10 blocks from my apartment. When we sleep at his house we drive toward downtown and I drop him off at work, then drive back to my garage. 10 blocks, one would think that this should take no longer than 10 minutes? No. It takes me at least 17 minutes to get home by car from his work.

I do like my car for when I go on road trips, camping trips, etc. I admit that. Also, when my mom comes to visit in May it will be nice to have a car to take day trips to the San Juan Islands and what not, but I really sometimes wish I was car-less.

If this city had a GOOD transit system (yesterday my bus did not come, today we had 1 inch of snow and the buses were on snow routes??) like a subway or an El, I would be in heaven. Until that day, however, I suppose I'll have to take the Bus to the Slut and then maybe hop on the Monorail if I want to feel like we have real transportation anytime soon. Actually, truth be told, I have been on the monorail and the slut only one time each and both were pretty pointless. I should have walked, but I was being lazy and it was chilly out.

Oh, and I am not excited for this Tram - as it does not go to Belltown, where I live... if I want to go to the airport, I'd still have to take a bus to Westlake or University, then change to the tram? Annoying, just put a stop by my house. Also, put some in Ballard, Fremont, Wallingford. Connect our neighborhoods, make us a real city.

And they are planning more street cars, or these express buses? But they are still on the road, with the cars and bike... So, I do not get it? All other cities that I have spend a decent amount of time in, like Chicago, Montreal, Minneapolis all have an El/Subway/Light rail that runs on it's own track and does not compete with traffic. When will Seattle get on board?


Heath Snow said…
Agreed. I pay $125/mo for parking so that once/twice a month I can drive somewhere without hassle. Worth it? Hell no. I get a warm fuzzy feeling though just knowing I have that freedom.

I use the SLUT daily to go to work because it's freezing in the mornings. I do walk home instead and will most likely walk both ways once it's warmer.



P.S. - Fun read!

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