Gambas - New Japanese/French fusion in Belltown

My friend Ed and I wanted to check out Gambas, a new restaurant in Belltown. The restaurant opened on 3rd Avenue at Bell, where Mom's Teriyaki used to reside. The restaurant says it is a Japanese/French fusion, but we really only checked out the sushi.

We walked in about 7:10PM, and there was no wait, as we were the only patrons. We were immediately greeted in a friendly manner by the waitress (Sally) and the sushi chefs.

Here is what I liked - Green Tea is free, prices are very affordable (especially for Belltown), service was excellent, rolls tasted great, portion sizes were large,
open for lunch, they DELIVER!

The look of the restaurant is clean and simple. Many tables are available, as is a sushi bar with a large (muted) flat screen TV, which is perfect for those that lunch alone.

What could be improved - no happy hour (I hear they are working on that), need alcohol (working on it).

We ordered a ton of sushi and miso soup. We totally gorged ourselves and even had leftovers.
From Blackberry Shots

Here is the breakdown:

2 Seattle Tempura Rolls
1 Cucumber Roll
1 Avocado Roll
1 Salmon Roll
1 Yellowtail/scallion Roll
1 Spicy Tuna Roll
1 Salmon Skin Roll
1 Order (2 pieces) Salmon Sushi
1 Order (2 pieces) Roe
2 Miso Soups

Our bill was about $60 with tip (no drinks)!

It was amazing sushi! The prices were less than most other Belltown sushi places and the quality was high. And to top it off, they offered us complimentary dessert. I chose the Green Tea Mochi, delicious. I doubt that will promo last long, I think it was a special for living in the neighborhood and the fact that we promised to tell our friends.

Also, I need to say this - their spicy Tuna rolls do not have Mayo (for those of you that know, I LOATHE mayo!) and their sushi pieces are large cuts. I hope it stays that way.

Gambas does not have a liquor license yet, but they said their temp one should show up in about 2 weeks. Apparently they will carry wines and beers first, then a full bar.

All in all, Gambas is a great addition to Belltown. They might have more traditional rolls than Umi Sake House, but they have yummy foods at very affordable and "non-Belltown" prices. I am excited to visit again and explore their entree menu, as it looked very appetising.

Please, go visit this restaurant so it will stick around!

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kevin. said…
I took a look at Umi's prices, they seem almost identical to Gambas' prices, to within +/-$5 from what you paid. I'll definitely give it a try, after all I live about 4 blocks away, but I don't really see much difference from other Belltown sushi prices.
Elise said…
Umi isn't open for lunch, I wish they were. Also, for happy hour Umi has good prices, but for non happy hour most of their "fun" rolls are about 9-12 dollars. Their basic rolls (Seattle, salmon skin, etc) at Umi are usually $6-$7 on non-happy hour.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Umi, and will continue to go there as often as I did, but I will go to Gambas for lunch (especially for delivery), as I always crave sushi for lunch.

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