I'm On A Boat, err... Plane!

Right now I am writing to you from approximately 31,000 (FL310) feet in the sky. I am on American Airlines flight #1848, Seattle to Dallas. My final destination is set for San Antonio.

OK, I used to always say that I did not like the idea of inflight wi-fi. I felt that flying was my "me" time with no bosses, no friends, no hassels. Just me and my thoughts, some drinks and maybe a chatty seat mate.

Well, Gogo InFlight Wifi has changed my mind!! For one, my flight is going by super fast. Two, I am actually getting work and personal things done! I mean, if I am going to sit here for three hours, might as well be productive, right?

This morning started out early. I woke up, finished packing and then the car service was here at 7:30. It was a limo. Usually I get a town car but apparently they were in use or something. No complaints from me.

Apparently it is HOT in San Antonio. 103 is the high today and tomorrow and the next week are not too far behind. Oh well, drinks by the pool can cool a girl down. So can an air-conditioned spa.

I'll be back in Seattle for a few days on the 1st. Until then...


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