My life is too random

So, it's late. I live in the downtown part of a major city and it's warm out. I have my windows open and I hear the woo's and the of girls leaving the bars on First Ave. Car doors are slamming and I am pretty sure a crackhead is peeing in my alley.

I am eating hasbrowns because that was about the only thing in my freezer that sounded OK. I had a piece of pizza at Belltown Pizza, but that wasn't enough. It was not hunger, as it's too hot to be hungry. It's more to help me sober up, as I drank too much.

My night was crazy. Red Wings meet up at Buckley's, shots at Del Rey, Belltown meetup at Rob Roy, Del Rey again for party, dancing, drinking, whatever. Belltown Pizza for late night food.

I wish I could get more into it, but it's too much for now. Maybe tomorrow I'll blog about my events.

I need to say this thought. Today was the first time I realized... I do not need Ryan in my life... Part of me is sad about that but most of me is OK with it. It's important. I feel like me again, finally. Hope this feeling stays.

Oh, I give mass hugs when I am drunk???


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