The morning sunshine....

So, I find myself hop scotching across the country, again. This time, for a somber reason. I hopped on a 6am flight, which means I had to be at the airport by 5:00am, which means I have not slept. I went to Hurricane Cafe with Jesse, his sis and her friends. I broke my no caffeine rule and drank two Diet Cokes. I think I am addicted to Coke Zero/Diet Coke.

I need to bitch about something. I HATE bad travelers. I have been surrounded by them today. The woman who does not know where she is going and takes forever at the first class check in counter. The woman who was not first class/MVP but wanted to check in at the first class check in anyway. The woman who had a huge bottle of hairspray in her carry on, oh she also did not remove her shoes, or her laptop. The people who check in and get an exit row seat for themselves and their 7 year old daughter and then cause everyone to move around in the plane because a 7 year old cannot sit in an exit row. Seriously, when you check in it asks you if you are old enough, if you can lift a heavy object, etc. Also, why did the gate agent not catch it? I am in an exit row and he asked me if I was willing and able to help out. I responded I am an able bodied person, which is such an airline term. I am a dork.
Oh, one last thing and I am done bitching about flying... there is a 5 year old behind me and his favorite past time during this flight is kicking my chair. Awesome.

Even though I booked through Northwest Airlines, I am flying on a Delta flight. They have movies, which is nice, but they do not recognize Alaska MVP's. Since I am not sleeping due to 5 year old kicking every 3 minutes (even though I asked his dad to make him stop a bunch of times) I suppose I will watch the movie, The Soloist.

Going home again is always rough. I booked a flight back on September 8, but I might change it to come home early, I might not. I am just going to play it by ear
and see what feels right.

I did snap these amazing pics of Mount Rainier with my Storm. Rarely do I sit by a window and fly during the day. These were taken about 6:20, just as the sun was rising.


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