Dope Burger - The kind of Dope Belltown wants!

I finally got a chance to visit Belltown's newest spot, Dope Burger. Dope Burger takes over the old Noodle Ranch spot and decided the neighborhood was changing and Belltown needed a burger spot that feeds the late night crowd, too! Don't worry, it's the same owners and same awesome staff!

Dope Burger opened on January 7, and it took me a whole week before I finally made it there. After a night of bouncing between our favorite Belltown spots, we decided to end Friday night with burgers, fries and boozie milkshakes. Yes, they have grown up milkshakes with your favorite flavors (like Nutella/Banana/Malibu!)

One of the things I love about Dope Burger is customization! You can start with a "solid Dope Burger" and add your own toppings or choose from one of their "Especially Dope Burgers" like the Super Mario (portabella mushroom cap filled with cheddar, swiss & avocado, breaded & fried. iceberg, tomato & dope sauce - $6.75) or, my choice that evening, the "Surfer on Avocado" (medium cheddar cheese, fried egg, avocado, iceberg, tomatoes & dope sauce - $6.75) The Dope sauce is mayo based, however, so you know I left that off my burger!

For the non carnivores, Dope Burger has a mean veggie burger that is not your typical Boca burger-esque meatless patty. The "Sloppy Jane" (loose house made vegan patty with beets, yams, red rice & lots of other delicious stuff. swiss cheese, avocado & dill cream - $6.75.) It gets two thumbs up from two of my friends who tried it (both who eat meat!) They also have an assortment of salads, french fries (or for something different - the avocado fries,) onion rings, and milk shakes.

Another great thing about Dope Buger? Thursday through Saturday they are open until 1:30am! (10:30pm Sunday through Wednesday.)

I'll miss Noodle Ranch, for sure, but there is nothing better than ending a night of 2nd Avenue bar hopping with a burger and a boozie milkshake. Though, I must say, if it's daytime and I'm craving a really amazing burger, I'm probably going to skip Dope Burger, drop an extra buck and stick to one of my other fav Belltown burgers, El Gaucho or Two Bells.

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Kristen said…
Booze milkshakes? YES PLEASE! That's such an amazing idea and your post is giving me a huge craving for a burger :)
Mmmm, I'm so hungry now. That place sounds amazing! Fun blog! =)

TroyJMorris said…
I had the "something" Mario last night. Best mushroom burger I ever ate.

SO glad that they created a burger place on 2nd! It was, indeed, dope.
Unknown said…
These burgers are dope. I mean that in a cool way in reference to the popular slang. I must check this chain out.
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