Best Response Sign Ever

My apartment manager is known for his passive aggressive elevator notes. They all follow the same formula - threatening but passive tone, massive spelling and grammar mistakes, three or four colors, smiley faces and, of course, the dreaded comic sans.

Here was the sign when I left for work:

Here is the sign when I came home from work, clearly written using the same formula as my apartment manager:

I think the neighbors have finally had enough. I am not sure which neighbor is responsible for the note, but I applaud their creativity.

To put it in context, here are some past notes:

And my all time favorite, Sex on the Roof:

Update, 7/8/11, 9:49am:

I just went to get coffee and this was in my elevator this AM. OK, now, I am being affected this weekend and I am not even sure this is legal. Anyone know Seattle Renters Rights when it comes to apartment amenities and apartment manager egos?

Also, we all know that collective or group punishment doesn't work, right? Some states have even outlawed it for teachers to use in their classrooms, and the Geneva convention outlawed it - because it is not effective (and no, I'm not comparing war crimes to roof closings - they are very different, clearly.) Group punishment is especially not effective when the "good neighbors" cannot even pressure or "tell on" the bad neighbors, because we don't even know who they are, let alone if they left plates on the roof.

Update, 7/8/11, 10:48am:


Sean Oliver said…
Are the spelling errors intentional?
Elise said…
Yes, I think so. It's in the same formula as his notes.
Cameron Newland said…
Personally, I think the couple who had sex on the roof should be applauded for their boldness, not scorned publicly.
TroyJMorris said…
Wow. Just wow. Love the response point 1.
This has been seriously frustrating but also freaking hysterical to watch. What I don't get is why he can't just open it now. It's Friday for crying outloud. Whatevs...but still.
Elise said…
@kristy Chris is moving his party to his apartment. He is hoping Joe will tell him to knock off the noise and he'll say, well, this was scheduled for the roof...
Elise said…
@Cameron - I love the part where videos and pics will be taken... Sounds dirty ;)
Unknown said…
Yes a lot of what he is doing is illegal. I would contact a lawyer. They might even do it for free. Your landlord should not give out names or personal situations.

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