Belltown Snowpocalypse

Lack of snow and freezing winter temps are just a few of the many reasons I decided to leave Detroit for Seattle. Well, we had a winter storm here that essentially shut down much of the city for a few days. I took some pictures in Belltown of the snow, and thought I'd share. 

This first set of pictures are from Sunday, January 14, 2012, around Noon.

2nd Ave looking southeast

2nd Ave looking northeast. The Space Needle is missing. 

2nd Ave between Bell and Blanchard

2nd Ave between Bell and Blanchard

And a video from 12:47pm.

After the storm, around 1:30pm. 

The second set of pictures are from Wednesday, January 18, 2012. I had trouble sleeping that evening.
A video from 3:19am, when the "Big Storm" started in Belltown.

2nd Ave 3:52am

2nd Ave 3:54am. Even Snowmaggedon won't stop the crack dealers.

I finally was able to get a few hours of shut eye, then woke up to a Belltown Winter Wonderland. Here are pics from around Belltown and sledding at Pike Place Market:


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