Last Day to Clear Your Google Search History

I love history.

As a kid, in school, I loved reading about it, hearing stories, old photographs and visiting museums. Everyone and everything has a story, and I am interested in how they came about. Instead of my parents reading me a bedtime story, I used to ask my mom to tell me stories from when she was my age. I could sit with my grandma and listen for hours upon hours about how she met my grandfather, her life as a teenager, the Great Depression, and any other story she wanted to tell me.

I think stemming from my love of history, of stories, I have always kept journals. Seeing my history, and my timeline specifically, gives me a sense of calmness. I can look back, reflect on the changes, see patterns, remember funny moments that have slipped my mind and also use it as a reminder not to make the same mistake twice.

Keeping a journal in 2012 is much easier than it was when I received my first journal, my diary. While my diary was filled with secrets, hopes and dreams, my adult journals are more for record keeping. And unlike my diary, my record keeping is not limited to one book of lined paper.

There are many tools that I use these days, that all help tell a story of me. I subscribe to TimeHop (a daily email telling you did one year ago), OhLife (just answer the daily email, and voila, instant private blog). I Tweet, Facebook (sorry, it's pretty private), Check In, Eat, Network, +1, Pin, Snip, blog, shoot stills, and shoot not so stills - that's just the short list.

I think it's been established that I love history (and sharing, obviously), especially when it's personalized. Having said that, I just cleared my Google Search History. If you do not know why I did this, go a quick Google Search, or read this article.

But, before I cleared my search history from ALL of my Google Accounts, I'd thought I'd share some gems from searches made during my freelance writing days (and some random from a year ago), that I probably would not want associated with my name but I'm not embarrassed to admitting to searching (ironic I'm posting it here, huh).

"Christians using comis sans vs. other religions"

"man lost pants at bath house + seattle"

"Keyshia cole mom"

"Teen witch makeout scene"

"married men cheating skype"

"Miley Cyrus Party in the USA lyrics"

"canadian border drug laws"

"serial killers pee pants until older"

"Boob job maintenance redone"

"Growing medical marijuana risks, california, michigan"

"Women + arrested + exposing + tampons"

"Baby Boomer Potheads"

Of course, I have many other searches that I do not want to share with you (bodily fluids, how to's, etc.) but you get the idea.

I am going to miss my search history, I really am. But, it might just be time to let go.

For information on how to clear your search history (do this tonight) here's a very easy how to guide.


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