Pioneer Square/Sodo Shaking

If you have been following me on Twitter this past month, you probably already know that I am freaking out by the fact that my office (specifically my desk) is shaking all the time. My desk is located at the center of a mezzanine, and while we have support beams, my location is not positioned near either one.

Not only is the shaking highly annoying (imagine a little brother just poking you over and over again until you punch him) but the repetitive loud noise will make your ears ring.

What is causing the shaking (and noise)? A new mixed use building.

From the PI:
"Construction is set to start next week on the North Lot project, which includes 400,000 square feet of offices, 35,000 square feet of retail space and 800 family-oriented homes, including 100 units affordable to people earning up to 70 percent of median income. It would be the largest transit-oriented development on the West Coast, putting homes near King Street train station and several major bus lines, along with urban amenities in Pioneer Square and the International District."
Here is a video I took while walking to work a few weeks ago:

And here is a video I took today, of what happens at my desk when the Pile Driver is driving pile:

Do you work in Pioneer Square/Sodo and are experiencing something like this, too? I'd love to hear your comments.

And, for those that think I am overly exaggerating, I cordially invite you to sit at my desk for 30 minutes and try not to go freaking insane. 

Update: There is an end in sight

And here is the ad video for the new construction.


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