I Won't Give Up...

If you've read my previous post about then you already know about my random, yet epic, adventure that took place last August. 

Well, our first day at Mraz's house, I was hanging in his studio with Ian, Tim and Toca before we went to the beach. Ian and Tim were playing instruments while I figured out the settings on my new camera. 

Toca & I comparing our pedicures.

(Also found this fun pic of Ian...)

Then I noticed something on the floor, lyrics. I asked Toca and he said it was a new song they were learning.  I snapped a pic and did not think much of it. 

Then a few months later, I saw a Tweet about Mraz's new song, "I Won't Give Up" and then I remembered, those lyrics. I went to my uploaded pics, found the picture and wouldn't you know it - it was that song.

Anyway, enjoy.


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