Mason Jar Smoothies

I love mason jars. In my first apartment, I did not even own glasses - just mason jars. They are so convenient, great for storing buttons, make great vases, you can turn them into lights, you name it. I love when I can find practical purposes for them - like smoothies!

About a year ago, I purchased the Oster BVLB07-Z Counterforms 3-Speed 2-in-1 Blender/Food-Processor Combo with the main purpose of making breakfast smoothies. I love smoothies, always have. They are a great way to start the day, plus are super easy to make. 

Now you might think - yeah they are easy to make, but what about the cleanup? 

Well, just make individual smoothies in your mason jar, throw the jar in the dishwasher, and you're all done. Yes, that's right, a traditional mason jar fits on a blender perfectly.

Another great thing about smoothies, you can hide foods that are high in fiber, but might not taste awesome by themselves. For example, spinach, green peppers, kale, etc.

I'll walk you through one of my favorite morning smoothies - Peanut Butter Banana (with Spinach). I make most of this smoothie the night before (hey - I like to sleep in until the last minute).

To start, you'll need spinach, peanut butter, Greek yogurt (or regular plain, Greek just has more benefits), honey/agave/ginger, your mason jar. Peel and cut your banana, then put in a freezer safe bag and throw it in the freezer.

My blender is also a food processor (which is awesome) but for the sake of convenience, I put my spinach in the jar, then just cut it up with my kitchen shears.

Next up, a heaping scoop of peanut butter. I prefer to use organic peanut butter, without hydrogenated oil.

Then a generous amount scoop of Greek yogurt. 

Then, to take the tang out of the yogurt, you can add honey, raw ginger, etc. I chose to use blue agave syrup.

Then, put on the cap, and store it overnight in your refrigerator. 

OK, now it's morning! Take your blender blade and put it on the mason jar.

And blend.

And blend...

And blend... (my blender has a timer, I just let it run out.) Then, remove the jar from the blender, add the (now) frozen bananas.

And blend again... (some like to add ice in this step if you like it especially icy/cold, I don't.)

And the final product, a delicious, green smoothie. 

The smoothie tastes like banana and peanut butter, you cannot taste the spinach or yogurt (but it does have a slight texture). Because I add about two servings of banana, yogurt and peanut butter, I drink my smoothie as two servings - one for breakfast and the second for a mid morning snack. 

Using the mason jar makes the smoothie process so easy, portable and clean! I bought my specific jars at Macy's, but any standard mason jar will do. 

I also use mason jars when I chop my foods, again, so easy to clean!


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