Pictures From The Past

I have been doing a lot of deep cleaning lately. Recently, the bar in my closet, that holds up all of my clothing, broke. I am guessing it was a mix of too many articles of clothing and an old, cheap, wooden bar. While this is a huge annoyance, it has forced me to do is thin out my belongings.

While cleaning my closet, I found a set of pictures from my childhood that made me smile.

I think the year was 1989, so that would make me seven years old and my little sister, Ashley, five years old. I remember this day so clearly. I knew I did not believe in Santa Claus (I am not sure if I had told my mom yet, or not) but I knew my sister still believed, with all of her heart.

The USPS or some delivery service had a program that if you delivered a package overnight, or priority, or whatever their special was, Santa would deliver it on Christmas Eve. I was really young, so I do not remember the specifics (note - I should ask my mom).

I still remember the look on my sister's face when we opened the door. She was so excited and happy, and full of childlike wonder.

My mom (in the background) looks so 80's. Those glasses.

I remember, we received $2 bills, which was pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Why is my sister not wearing pants? And what's up with the art in our house?

I also remember receiving these pillows as our Christmas Eve gift (we get to open one present the night before). I think they were hand made by someone my family knew? But they made great pillows for our fort. I wonder what happened to them...

Apparently, I loved this outfit because I wore it the next day, too.

If you blow this picture up, you will see our Eames chairs, outside on the deck, in the snow. If only I knew them how cool and expensive those chairs would become...

My uncle. It's funny, a lot of the hipsters in Seattle are sporting a similar look in 2012.


Unknown said…
No you did not still believe and yes you had told me. In fact, after he left you pointed out to me that his real hair was showing under his wig. You were very careful not to let Ashley know. Ashley said to Grandma, "It tickled my tummy." Referring to seeing Santa coming up the walk.

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