My 3rd Reddit Cake Day

Today, April 16, is my Reddit Cake Day. What is that you might ask? Well, today marks my 3rd year on Reddit and three years of annoying my friends with random tidbits that I found on Reddit.

I joined Reddit over three years ago, because I was going through a rough breakup and needed a distraction. Three years later, I am still highly distracted yet have learned so much (and seen way too many things in r/WTF that I wish I could forget).

So, for my Reddit Cake Day, I present the Fortune Telling Birthday Book from 1946, a book about Cake Days.

When my great aunt, Mijou, passed away (in 1995, I believe?) we were cleaning her apartment and I found this book. It brought back memories. I remember my aunt reading fortunes from this book to me as a child, and in addition, she used it to keep track of the birth days of her friends and family.

The entry for April 16...

"You are ambitious and plan many things which you usually carry out. You are energetic and enthusiastic; graciously listen to others' advice or criticism and pursue your own course. You are loving and will have a happy home life"
The book was given to my great aunt in 1948.
April facts.
The binding has totally fallen apart.

My real life cake day.

I am not sure why Easter was the only holiday that was specifically called out?

My dad's family is small, and many of the relatives stopped speaking to one another, so this book has given me good starting points to find relatives and information over the years. In addition, this book was given to Mijou the year my father was born, which in itself just amazes me.

Also, a quick check tells me the Fortune Telling Birthday Book is still in print, and currently available.


Mariska said…
This is so cool! I wanna know what my cake day says.

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