Bringing the Scrunchie Back

I am sure we all remember the episode of Sex And The City where Carrie mocks Berger for having his main character run around town in a scrunchie. The episode is titled "Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little" and aired in 2003.

Fast forward nine years... and I'm bringing the scrunchie back.

Scrunchies are:
  • Comfortable (especially for sleeping)
  • Better for your hair (less breaking)
  • Leave less kinks
  • Many styles and colors, they can match with ANYTHING.
So, I did some Googling and found out - actual stores are even carrying them again.

Urban Outfitters:

American Apparel:

Well, I am proud to announce, I picked up three new scrunchies from AA today. I went with the black and white stripe, black and white print and a purple. As someone that often wears her hair up, you better believe I will be rocking these, quite often. I also ordered the three pack online, so I'll have a few more options to choose from. 

I know some of you are going to knock me for rocking this trend, but it's time. I highly recommend you head out and purchase one for yourself - and you'll be hooked again, just like it was 1992. Luckily, it's catching on and I think we're going to see the scrunchie come back in a big way.

@Jenn Hoffman
And, I mean, at least I'm not still wearing feathers in my hair, right? (Oh wait, I miss my peacock blue color feathers.)

*Side note, I will admit, when Amanda Knox flew back to Seattle from Italy last October, the first thing I said to April about the whole ordeal was something negative about her scrunchie.


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