Excuse Me, Can You Point Me to the Nearest Outlet?

Tonight I was driving the Chevy Volt that is currently in my posession (I will blog about that soon) and, as I was looking at the dashboard notification showing zero battery life...

...I realized that between my work laptop, my work iPad, my Kindle, my Droid X2, my Vado camera, my Nike Fuel Band and my Samsung point and shoot (not pictured, because you know, it took the picture) I feel like I am always looking for an outlet. 

See, in my bag, in the car, I had seven separate devices (pictured below) that require an electrical charge. All six have a separate charger, too, though Kindle and the Droid both use USB, so I suppose I would only need five. And, sure, you could make the argument that some of my devices are repetitive and could be eliminated, but I'd come back with the argument - it's a backup, for when the other one dies.


Mariska said…
So if the car completely goes to zero, what happens? Does it just start coasting? Does the energizer bunny come to your rescue?
Elise said…
It has a fuel tank, so it's gas back up. You don't just stop... though the Nissan Leaf is all electric, so not sure what happens then.

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