Airport Signs - My Friends Are Unusual

After a very long day of flying from Detroit, with a connection in Denver, I was excited that my friends wanted to pick me up from the airport, and I didn't have to take the train. 

So, I come down baggage claim, and this is how I was greeted. Apparently they were there for about twenty minutes (my plane was late) and standing right in between two "real" signs. 

Oh, and I should mention they picked me up in an Uber, because they decided to go out and partake in consuming some adult beverages and it got a bit out of hand. 

I love my friends. 


Mike Barbre said…
I honestly don't know how a welcome home could get any better. That's completely awesome.

It sounded like you needed to imbibe in a drink or two after the trip! Did you?
aprildoodles said…
Best welcome home ever.
Mariska said…
Awesome. You have some great friends :)
Unknown said…
That's a pretty rad welcome home!

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