My Family Lives In A Different State

The Head and the Heart is a local Seattle band, that you've probably heard of because they've become a bit more nationally known in the past few years. As a Seattleite, living in the midst of it all, I've seen them here or there a few times over (um, why are tix so expensive now?!?!)

But, as I was getting my massage last week at Spa Noir, the song Rivers and Roads played... and, if you get regular massage you already know it's a weird, sometimes emotional, experience. You are in this half awake, half asleep world where your thoughts are in and out and get processed way differently than normal thoughts. (By the way, I highly recommend monthly massage.)

I recently just came home from a ten day trip in Detroit. It was random, and originally just supposed to be a long weekend for my mom's bday, but ended up turning into me staying a longer time. I needed a break from work, and I felt that my family needed me home.

There are things going on at home, that my family would not appreciate being posted at this point, but intense things that involve us, and things that make me feel like I should be there - or be closer to "there" - everyday.

This September marks five years in Seattle. And before Seattle, I tried a few other cities. If you had asked me if I'd ever go home five years ago - the answer would be no, not ever. Three years ago, you'd probably receive the same answer.

I am not sure what happened, did I get older? Did family circumstances occur and I feel like I am being pulled back? Or am I realizing that I had my stint away from my family, found myself, and now it's time to go back? I am really not sure.

I love Seattle, and I am not ready to say goodbye just yet... But, I can't stay here forever.

And I leave you with.... Rivers and Roads.


DoverPro said…
Elise, this is a great site to promote your blogs for the Seattle area, if you have not already.

DoverPro is in the UP!

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