Seattle Lightning Storm

I love thunder and lightning storms. I remember, even as a kid, finding tranquility in the storms. In fact, some of my favorite childhood memories involve hanging with my family in our basement, candles lit, waiting for the storms to pass.

In the Midwest, summer storms are quite common and, while some can get quite nasty, for the most part they come and go quickly. Many times a quick afternoon storm can provide a cool respite from the heat and humidity - and if you're lucky, a rainbow.

I can only recall maybe 4 or 5 thunderstorms here in Seattle - with all except one proving to be a pitiful excuse for a thunderstorm. For a true thunderstorm fan, tonight's show was dismal, but I still decided to jump up to my rooftop (um, in my robe) and shoot a few photos of the lightning show (followed by a very quiet thunder).

Oh - and due to our lack of thunderstorms... does anyone else find it odd that Seattle's WNBA team is named "Storm"..?


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