What to Do in Detroit (A Guide for My Co-workers)

I'm in the Detroit burbs right now, for work. It's been so fun opening a store in The Somerset Collection and I cannot wait for our newest store to actually open.

Instead of doing work stuff (like I probably should have been doing), I decided to put together a quick guide to things I like to do in Detroit. It's super high level, made for Seattleites that are just visiting for the first time, but thought I'd share (and have a landing place for when friends ask me what to do in the D). Safety was a concern (as it is in every city we visit), so I focused on pretty mainstream places to visit.

Also, I left off Midtown. I was tired and there is so much going on there, it was hard to decide what to choose. But Midtown is awesome and I recommend it, too. 

And of course, go to a Lions/Tigers/Wings game if you have the chance! 

Let me know what cool things that need to be added in the comments.


Michigan Central Train Station
Welcome to Detroit (well, the north burbs). I love my city so much that I wanted to share a few things about it with you. While most of us are probably in and out of this great city, if you have some time… I’d highly recommend you visit “The D.”
I’ve made some recommendations of very safe places to visit in Detroit that are awesome.

Corktown area (oldest neighborhood in Detroit): 
Map: http://binged.it/14v333I  (park in the pay lot, across street from Slow’s, behind Mercury, cash only) 
Michigan Central Train Station (it’s abandoned) 
Mecury Burger
BarSlow’s BBQ (make a reservation)
Sugar House (amazing cocktails)
Woodbridge/West Canfield/Wayne State Area:
Map: http://binged.it/14bu7q5 
Woodbridge Pub (amazing reclaimed wood, most ingredients from nearby, great owner - Jim) 
City Bird (really cool store, local gifts) 
Seva (awesome vegetarian food) 
Traffic Jam & Snug (Around since ’65, make their own bread, cheese, tea and beer) 
Cass Café (art gallery/restaurant)
Greektown (a little more touristy): 
Map: http://binged.it/14v4BdM (park in Greektown casino, then go inside and get it validated) 
Detroit Beer Company (You can keep your branded pint glass as a souvenir) 
Plaka Cafe (my FAV coney dog ever is here, 24 hours) 
Greektown Casino 
The Old Shillelagh
Most bars in Greektown are pretty lively, so pick one and enjoy.
Coney Dogs (Detroit is famous for Michigan Coney Dogs. Bun, all beef dog, bean-less chili, fresh white onions and mustard): 
Lafayette (Downtown)
American (Downtown)
National (Many locations)
Skip Kirby’s. It’s not awesome.
Other safe Detroit randomness:
Motown Museum (see where Motown got its start - $10)
Heidelberg Project (check out the pics, this is an art installation and random and awesome)
Detroit People Mover  
If you want to find decay and decrepit Detroit (because that seems to be the trendy thing for our of towners), I’d suggest skipping it and instead going to see the Heidelberg Project area or Brush Park. Both are fairly safe to drive/walk around. You will see amazing houses. Maybe some are falling apart, but some are being restored. And of course, there is always 8 Mile Road (mostly pawn shops/strip clubs, fairly safe). 
If you want to go out to bars/restaurants near the hotel. Visit Royal Oak or Birmingham. Both close cab/car ride and a mix of upscale shops and restaurants. 
Also, here’s all about the Michigan left you’ve made a few times on Big Beaver Road. And, um, Big Beaver Road is Exit 69. It’s earned itself #7 spot on most stolen street signs in the U.S.  
And finally, I leave you with… Kid Rock’s, “Detroit, Michigan.” Enjoy.


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