Monday, I sat home... worked all night... did not go out... it was wonderful!

Tuesday I had a doctor appointment and they took all this blood from me. I was so exhausted that I fell asleep and took a nap in the afternoon. My friend Michael and I were supposed to get sushi, but he got busy and I had a work thing to finish since I fell asleep... so we rescheduled...

Instead, Peter and I went to Pomodoro in Eastlake. It was pretty good. The restaurant has an open kitchen, a european feel, and the food was really good. There were not many tables in there, so the place was quiet and the service excellent. I think so many people go to Serafina, that they forget this place exists and is practically across the street. I had a pasta dish that was perfect. It normally comes with olives, I asked for it without... which I was charged $3.50 for removing olives. That was my only complaint. For dessert (which I usually pass) we chose bananas foster... which they make right at your table, and it was so yummy.
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After that I went home, worked for a bit, then passed out as I was tired from the blood withdrawal.

Yesterday I again worked all day, then met up with Darren to go over work stuff... then went to Dan's to pick him up.

We chose Blue Moon Burger's in South Lake Union for dinner, and let me tell you... we will be back. In fact, I am craving the Hawaiian chicken sandwich now! First, we just happened to be there on Wednesday night - well, Wednesday is buy one get one half off. Perfect. We missed happy hour, which is $1 off all beers, but still the Pyramid was only like $4. You go up to the counter to order, then sit down, they call your name and you get your burgers, go to the counter and get your ketchup, etc. I had the chicken sandwich, Dan had the regular burger and we split fries. It was very good. Also, it is locally owned and they say their beef is all natural and hormone free.
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Then we went to his house, watched Thank You for Smoking, which I liked and had never seen before...

Oh, I almost forgot to add... I blog in space now...


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