Planes are funny. Yes, a general statement I know. Think about it, though... You are in a giant tin can, a glorified bus, with 175 strangers for 5 hours... and it's not pure chaos? Everyone is tired, you have to take off your shoes, airport food sucks, flights are late (I will get to that in a minute), airplane cleaners are contracted out (so the plane never really gets clean), kids are screaming, some people forget to use deodorant (as I have once already blogged)... and yet, for the most part... everyone remains calm?

I am currently en route to Fort Lauderdale airport, after connecting through Atlanta Hartsfield. It's been a bit of a bumpy ride, more so because I am in the back of the plane, but seemingly OK (in fact, there goes the seatbelt sign).

I am attending a very important conference, in which I will also be presenting our products to a room full of people. In addition, I am golfing - which, um, I am a really bad golfer, so we will see how that goes.

So, now... late flights. As most who fly know, the major airlines have changed their baggage policy to allow only one checked bag per passenger, instead of two. I am flying with the two bags I generally fly with, one is large, about 50 pounds - definitely a checkable bag. The other bag is smaller, a carry on, maybe 25 pounds? At the check in counter, I asked if I could still check my smaller bag... The answer was no, unless I wanted to pay. Now, I am flying on my company's dime, but I am still a cost cutter and try to cut costs wherever, plus it is the principal!

So, I get to my gate, and find a CSA and guess what.. he checked my bag, for free! Then I realized the plane is taking FOREVER to load and board... I mean forever, we are already late because the plane came in 15 minutes late, and then I realized.. everyone is loading their second bag into the overheads. We left 30 minutes late, which made them fly the plane faster, which wasted more fuel, which costs the airline more money. The question is, are they making more money from the extra bag fee than they are spending playing catchup? I am curious.

Oh, and my flight from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale, took off late, surprise, surprise....

8:26pm - I'll leave this on West Coast time and post when I get to the hotel


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