The last few days...

These last few days have been emotionally draining. I landed on Sunday evening. I went to my dad's house straight from the airport for a minute, then home, then to my Aunt's house where a lot of the family was meeting for dinner. On Sunday I think I stayed up over 24 hours. I woke up from a nap at 6:30pm Pacific on Saturday and did not sleep again until 12:30 Eastern. I am sure the not sleeping didn't help with my exhaustion.

Monday and Tuesday were the viewing and then the funeral was on Wednesday. Basically tons of food, people I have not seen in years and lots of hugging and crying.

The funeral home we chose was Heeney-Sundquist Funeral Home. The owners were actually family friends with my grandma and her parents for years. We've used them for every funeral ever since I can remember. But they have some cool antiques downstairs and it's a very comfortable and interesting place. It's crazy because it hasn't really changed since I was a child.

Some things I found:

And one of the coolest things I found (courtesy of the funeral directors adorable 8 year old son) was an underground railroad tunnel. This was in the far back room, under the basement.

I am going into our MI office tomorrow, so I should probably sleep. Catching up on work is going to be pretty brutal and this weekend I am going to try to catch up with old friends. Oh, my friends have kids, how weird is that. For another blog post.


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